Friday, April 1, 2011

april fools for greater fools

It’s April Fools again here in the Western world. In commemoration, this post lists some biting posts, more satirical than serious, that have graced these pages, each of them in search of fools to put to a deserved round of searing and roasting. Watch out, and try not to get seared yourself.
And don't let that serious-looking picture on the right fool you.

Confessions of a consummate dollar hoarder
Diary entries of a consummate dollar pegger
The 100 year plan for unceasing growth
Economic recovery team substitutions
Currency war battlefield tactics
EU gets its groove back
Paulson, Bush, and a China strategy

US Banks don't need borrrowers in order to lend
US banks are not capital-constrained
How Bernanke stimulates?
Superfreakin CDO P.I.M.P.
Lehman in Wonderland
Investment bankers, swaps, and ulcer
Investment banker blues

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