Friday, January 6, 2012

Past post links

In lieu of a new post, today I'll post links to previous ones, with a sprinkling of posts from others.

1.The current, mainstream, economist, debates about Ricardian equivalence will be better served if they acquaint themselves first with net financial assets.

2. Once they do, perhaps they can get their minds around the enigma of social security sustainability.

3. Finance and opacity. (at Interfluidity)

4. If you believe some people, MMT is what caused the problems in Greece, Zimbabwe, Japan, Venezuela, Soviet Union, China, ancient Rome, and everywhere else east of the Atlantic. (originally from here and here)

5. My own preferred recovery solutions mix.

6. The solutions mix in basketball allegory.

7. New year's last year, I had the following questions. Due to the miracle of extend and pretend, the questions remain for this year.

On a lighter note, here's China's likely message to the rest of the world: Dont rely on us to get your own economies high (courtesy Chemical Bros)

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