Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President Obama, the new leader in the fight against economic decline

This year has really been one for the books. Major changes in the world economy, in the world financial infrastructure, and now in politics and society.

America now has its first multi-racial president.

This comes at a crucial time in history. A time when the world has come to realize more and more that it is inter-connected, that mistakes made in one sector of one country can affect the economies of entire nations. A time when the world has come to realize that the only thing that can save the world from complete economic destruction is multi-national cooperation, not economic isolation or beggar-thy-neighbour policies. A time like no other to reach global multilateral agreements for common objectives.

Let’s hope that President Obama will actualize what he has come to embody - a more united, more inclusive America. Most importantly, he should embody an America that recognizes that there is a world out there beyond its shores, and that the future of the world depends as much on the efforts and aspirations of other nations as much as theirs. Let’s hope that he will lead an America that leads more out of moral suasion than imposition of economic might.

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