Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools for greater fools

I think I’m going to have to lay off blogging for awhile since mostly satire has been rolling off my brain these last two months. It’s either make parody, or just keep repeating myself over and over. In the meantime, you could check out recent posts in the blogroll to your right. I highly recommend checking Rortybomb’s regular posts on specific reform recommendations, Billy Blog’s daily takedowns of constraining macro thinking (though I think we would need to develop a strong countervailing check and balance for the time when government leaders of developed economies understand they now have the power of fiat), and Mark Thoma, the economist I tend to agree with the most (I think he gets it right because he forms his views after surveying all competing points of view). I will be joining discussions every now and then at WCI.

But this being April Fools, I leave you with some parodies from this site’s archives two years ago.

A crazy M&A growth strategy
A health care company’s crazy secret plan of funding itself
Paulson, Bush, and a crazy China strategy (or so I presume)


SPEPost said...

hmm, just started reading you and there's something that feels wrong about reading archives..

Khmer Insurance said...

I just don't believe when coming to april fools because i just learned from my previous years experiences from the 1st April.

But that's good to know. So what is your next plan on the 2nd of April?

Rogue Economist said...

I hear you SPEP, but perhaps you hadn't read those from the archives yet? Anyhow, I think it's true what they say, if you haven't anything else good to say, shut your mouth. I want to step back and see what others are saying. And if there's anything interesting that develops, chime back in (otherwise, this site runs the risk of becoming a wannabe The Onion)

Khmer, no plans yet for April 2nd or beyond.

Blakesmommy2008 said...

Hey nice blog =) No one played a prank on me thank god!